Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What hospitals are your physicians associated with?

A: Clear Lake Regional Medical Center is our primary hospital affiliation. We also have courtesy staff privileges at Texas Children’s Hospital.

Q: Who will answer my questions when I call?

A: All phone calls are returned by in-house staff or nurses.

Q: Which outside labs are you affiliated with?

A: Urgent lab requests are done in-house. We are also contracted with several nearby labs for your convenience.

Q: Why are immunizations for my newborn so important?

A: It’s true that newborn babies are resistant to many diseases because they have antibodies they got from their mothers. However, the duration of this resistance may last only a month to about a year.

Q: Isn’t there some way besides vaccination to protect my baby against these diseases?

A: No. Breastfeeding offers temporary immunity against some minor infections like colds, but it is not an effective means of protecting a child from the specific diseases preventable by vaccines.